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Middle East & Asia
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Benin:Ministère de L'Industrie, Du Commerce et de la Promotion de L'emploi.
Direction de la Concurrence et Du Commerce Interieur

Ghana. Ministry of Finance

Kenya. Ministry of Finance and Planning, Monopolies & Prices Commission

Mauritius. Chamber of Commerce & Industry

South Africa. The Competition Commission

South Africa. The Competition Tribunal

South Africa. The Competition Appeal Court

Zambia. Competition Commission



Middle East and Asia


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Azerbaijan. State Committee on Antimonopoly Policy and Support for Entrepreneurship

Bahrain. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Cambodia. Ministry of Commerce

China. State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Hong Kong. Competition Policy Advisory Group

Hong Kong. Consumer Council

Indonesia. KPPU Official Website

India. Competition Commission of India

Israel. Antitrust Authority

Japan. Fair Trade Commission

Jordan. Ministry of Industry & Trade (MOIT)

Korea. Fair Trade Commission

Kuwait. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Kyrgyzstan. State Commission on Antimonopoly Policy under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

Lebanon. Ministry of Economy and Trade

Macau. Consumer Council

Philippines. Bureau of Trade Regulation

Singapore. Ministry of Trade & Industry

Singapore. Attorney's General Chamber of Singapore

Singapore. Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

Sri Lanka. Fair Tradind Commission

Taiwan. Fair Trade Commission

Tajikistan. The Agency for Support and Development of Small Entrepreneurship under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

Thailand. The Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce

Uzbekistan. State Committee on Demonopolization and Competition Development



Europe: EU Countries

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Austria. Wettbewerbsservice (BMwA)

Austria. Federal Competition Authority

Austria. Consumer Council

Belgium. Ministere des Affaires Economiques: Concurrence

Denmark. Danish Competition Authority

Denmark. The Danish Consumer Agency

EU Competition Directorate General

EU Commission. Directory of Directorates

EU Commission. RAPID Searchable Database of Directorates

Faroe Islands. Competition Council

Faroe Islands, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Finnish Competition Authority

Finland. Market Court

Finland. The Supreme Administrative Court

France. Conseil de la Concurrence

France. Direction Generale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Repression des Fraudes

France. La Commision de la Securité des Consommateurs

France. Ministry of the Economy, Finance & Industry

Germany. BundesKartellamt, The Federal Cartel Office

Germany. Monopolkommission, Monopolies Commission

Germany. Bundesministeriums fur Wirtschaft und Technologie

Ireland. Competition Authority

Italy. Autorita Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato

Netherlands. Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit (NMa) (Netherlands Competition Authority)

Netherlands. Ministry of Economic Affairs

Portugal. Direcção-Geral do Comércio e da Concorrência

Spain. Dirección General de Política Económica y Defensa de la Competencia

Sweden. Konkurrensverket: Swedish Competition Authority

Sweden. Consumer Ombudsman (Konsumentverket/KO)

Sweden. Swedish Market Court

United Kingdom. Office of Fair Trading

United Kingdom. Competition Commission

United Kingdom. Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals (CCAT)

United Kingdom. Department of Trade and Industry

United Kingdom. Office of Communications


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Europe: Third Countries


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Armenia. Ministry of Industry and Trade

Bulgaria. Commission on the Protection of Competition

Croatia. Agency for Protection of Market Competition

Cyprus. Commission for the Protection of Co-operation

Cyprus. Office of the Commissioner for Public Aid

Czech Republic. Office for The Protection of Competition

EFTA Surveillance Authority

Estonia. Konkurentsiamet. Estonian Competition Board

Estonia. Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Estonia

Gibraltar. Chamber of Commmerce

Hungarian Competition Authority

Hungary, State Aid Monitoring Office

Icelandic Competition Authority. Samkeppnisstofnun

Lithuania. Competition Council

Macedonia. Monopoly Authority

Malta Director of Fair Competition. Ministry for Economic Services

Moldova. Ministry of Economy and Reforms

Norway. Konkurransetilsynet (Norwegian Competition Authority)

Poland. Office of Competition

Romania. Competition Office

Russia. The Ministry of Russian Federation of Anti Monopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship

Slovakia. Antimonopoly Office

Slovenia. Competition Protection Office - CPO

Switzerland. Commission de la Concurrence

Turkey. Competition Commission. Rekabet Kurumu

Ukraine. Antimonopoly Committee



North and Central America


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Barbados. Fair Trading Commission

Belize. Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Canada. The Competition Bureau

Canada. The Competition Tribunal

Costa Rica. Ministerio de Economía Industria y Comercio, MEIC

Guatemala. Ministerio de Economia

Jamaica. Fair Trading Commission

Jamaica. Ministry of Industry, Comerce and Technology

Jamaica. The Consumer Affairs Commission

México. Comision Federal de Competencia

Nicaragua. Competencia y Transparencia de Los Mercados MIFIC

Panama. Comison de la Libre Competencia y Asuntos del Consumidor

United States. Antitrust Division, Department of Justice (US)

United States. Federal Trade Commission - Antitrust/Competition


South America


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Aruba. Chamber of Commerce

Argentina. Comision Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia (CNDC)

Argentina. Secretaría de la Competencia, la Desregulación y la Defensa del Consumidor

Brazil. Competition Tribunal

Brazil. Conselho Administrativo de Defesa Economica

Brazilian Government Competition Law Portal- "Portal do Direito da Concorrencia Brasileiro"

Colombia. Industria y Comercio Superindendencia

Chile. The Economic National Procecutor's Office

Peru. Instituto Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia y de la Proteccion de la Propiedad Intelectual

Peru. Sala de Defensa de la Competencia del Tribunal de Ind.

Venezuela. Superintendencia para la Promocion y Proteccion de la Libre Competencia (Pro-Competencia)




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Australia. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australia. Act Office of Fair Trading

Australia. Office of Consumer and Business Affairs

Australia. NT Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

New Zealand Commerce Commission

New Zealand. Ministry of Economic Development

New Zealand. Business Law and Policy, Regulatory and Competition Policy Branch

New Zealand. Ministry of Consumer Affairs



UTILITIES: Regulators


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Andorra. Servei de Telecomunicaciones d'Andorra

Argentina. CAMMESA

Argentina. Secretaría de Comunicaciones

Argentina. Ministerio de Economia de Argentina. Secretaria de Energia y Mineria

Argentina. Ente Nacional Regulador del Gas - ENARGAS

Argentina. Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad - ENRE

Argentina. Ministerio de Economia de Argentina. Secretaria de Energía y Minería

Australia. Federal Department of Communications and the Arts

Australia. Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of NSW - IPART

Australia. Office of the Regulator-General - State of Victoria

Austria. E-Control

Austria. Federal Ministry of Science and Transport

Austria. Telekom-Control
Austrian telecoms regulator. Information, texts. Full text legislation.

Belarus. Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Belgium. Comission de Regulation de l'electricite et du gaz

Belgium. L'Institut belge des services postaux et des telecommunications
Belgian regulator of telecommunications and postal services.

Bolivia. Superintendencia Nacional de Electricidad (SIE)

Brazil. ANATEL - Agência Nacional de Telecommunicções

Brazil. ANEEL - Agencia Nacional de Energia Electrica

Brazil. Agencia Nacional do Petroleo - ANP

Brazil. Eletrobras Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras SA

Canada. Action on Energy - AlbertaEnergyFacts.com

Canada. B. C. Hydro - British Columbia

Canada. Canadian Radiotelevision and Telecommunications Commission
Canadian telecoms regulator. Legislation, information, news. In English and French.

Canada. Radio Spectrum Management and Telecommunications

Canada. Alberta Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Sour Gas

Canada AAPG American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Canada. Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA)

Canada. Canadian Association of Members of Public Utility Tribunals (CAMPUT)

Canada. Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC)

Canada. Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)

Canada. Canadian Electricity Association

Canada. Canadian Electricity Forum

Canada. Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI)

Canada. Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)

Canada. Canadian Gas Association

Canada. Canadian Gas Processors Suppliers Association (CGPSA)

Canada. Canadian Gas Processors Association (CGPA)

Canada. Canadian Heavy Oil Association

Canada. Coal Association of Canada

Canada. Edmonton Area Pipeline and Utility Operators' Committee

Canada. Energy Council of Canada

Canada. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Chile. Comision Nacional de Energía - CNE

Chile. Superintendencia de Electricidad y Combustibles

China. Unicom

Colombia. Comision de Regulacion de Energia y Gas

Colombia. Comisión de Regulación de Telecomunicaciones - CRT

Colombia. I.S.A. - Interconexión Eléctrica S.A. E.S.P.

Colombia. Ministerio de Comunicaciones

Denmark. Eenergistyrelsen - The Danish Energy Agency

Denmark. Ministry of Research and Information Technology

Denmark. Telestyrelsen (National Telecom Agency)

Denmark. The Danish Energy Regulatory Authority

Denmark. The NordPool

Dominican Republic. Superintendencia de Electricidad (SIE)

Ecuador. Consejo Nacional de Electricidad (CONELEC)

El Salvador. Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones

ERO European Radiocommunications Office

ETO - European Telecommunications Office

ETNO - European Public Telecommunications Network Operators' Association

ETSI - European Telecommunications Standards Institute

EU Commission. DG XIII, European Interconnect Atlas

EU. CEPT European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

EU. Commission, DG XIII, the Telecommunications Directorate

EU - Direccion General de Energia y Transportes - DG TREN - Comision Europea

EU. ECTA - European Competitive Telecommunications Association

EU. Eutelsat - (consórcio europeu de telecomunicações via satélite)

EU. I*M Europe - Multimedia information

EU. The Florence Process: The Internal Market for Electricity

EU. The Internal Market for Electricity

EU. The Internal Market for Gas

Finland. Energiamarkkinavirasto (EMV): The Energy Market Authority

Finland. Fingrid Oyj - Finnish Power Grid Plc

Finland. Ministry of Transport and Communications (Telecommunications Unit)

Finland. Nordel

Finland. Telehallintokeskus (Telecommunications Administration Centre)
Finnish post & telecoms regulator. Legislation, regulations, annual report. Texts in Finnish, Swedish, English.

Finland. The NordPool

France. Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications (ART)
Extensive site on policy in the field of telecommunications. Full text of legislation, publications, decisions, reports (including annual reports), etc.

France. Comission de Regulation de l'electricite

France. Direction Générale de l'Énergie et des Matières Premières (DGEMP)

France. EDF: Bienvenue Chez EDF

France. Ministry of Industry (Telecommunication)

France. Telecommunications: Ouverture totale a la concurrence
Official government information on deregulation of telecommunications in France. Includes full text of relevant French and European legislation.

Germany. European Energy Exchange - EEX

Germany. Reg TP (Telecommunications Regulator)
"Regulierungsbehorde fur Telekommunikation und Post". Extensive site; full text legislation.

Greece. National Telecommunications Commission
Site under construction.

Honduras. Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones

Hong Kong. Electrical Products Recalled/Prohibited

Hong Kong. Electrical Safety News Update

Hong Kong. Office of the Telecom Authority - OFTA

Hungarian Energy Office

Hungary. Communication Authority

Iceland. Post and Telecom Administration

Iceland. Post and Telecom

Commission for Electricity Regulation - CER

Ireland. Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation

Italy. Autorita per l'energia elettrica e il gas
Regulatory body for electricity and gas industry. Set up under directive 96/92/CE to ensure competition in electricity and gas industry. Site under construction: contains some full text publications, legislation, annual reports.

Italy. Autorita per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni
Texts in Italian and English,

Italy. Ministry of Communications

Italy. Associazione Italiana Sviluppo Telecommunicazioni

Japan. Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Japan. TEPCO Database

Korea. Ministry of Information and Communications

Latvia. Telecommunication State Inspection

Luxembourg. Institut Luxembourgeois des Telecommunications
Telecommunications regulator for Luxembourg. Full text legislation, decisions, annual report.

Luxembourg. Ministere des Classes Moyennes et du Tourisme

Morocco. Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Morocco. National Regulation Agency

México. Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones

México. Secretaria de Transportes e Comunicaciones

Netherlands. Dienst Toezicht Elektriciteit
Regulatory body for electricity in the Netherlands, under the Minister van Economische Zaken. Full text of Electriciteitswet and other regulations and documents.

Netherlands. DTe The Dutch Office for Energy Regulation

Netherlands. Informacion del Ministerio de Economia sobre el Sector Energético Holandés
Versión en lengua original

Netherlands. The Amsterdam Power Exchange - APX

New Zealand. Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Postal

Nicaragua. Instituto Nicaragüense de Energia - INE

Norway. Grupo Hafslund

Norway. Nordel

Norway. Norges Vassdrags - og Energidirektorat

Norway. The NordPool

Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority

Panama. Ente Regulador de los Servicios Publicos

Paraguay. Administracion Nacional de Electricidad - ANDE

Peru. Comision de Tarifas de Energia - CTE

Peru. Ministerio de Transportes, Comunicaciones, Vivienda Y Construction

Peru. Organismo Supervisor de la Inversion Privada en Telecomunicaciones - OSIPTEL

Portugal. AICEP Association of Post Office and Telecommunications Operators from the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Territories

Portugal. CPLP - Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa

Portugal. Direcção Geral de Energia

Portugal. E.D.P. - Electricidade de Portugal S.A.

Portugal. Entidade Reguladora do Sector Electrico - ERSE

Portugal. Instituto das Comunicacoes de Portugal
Extensive site: information on activities of ICP (Telecommunications regulator for Portugal), full text legislation, publications, reports.

Romanian Electricity and Heat Regulatory Authority - ANRE

Singapore. Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

Slovenia. Ministry of Transport and Communications

Slovenia. Regulatory Authority

Independent Communications Authority Of South Africa (ICASA)

Spain. Comision del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT)
Information, notes concerning the CMT. List of decisions taken (though not full text).

Spain. Comision Nacional de Energia
National Regulatory Commission in the energy sector. Merged with Comision Nacional del Sistema Electrico in 2000. Full text documents.

Spain. Compañia Operadora del Mercado Español de Electricidad S.A.

Spain. Compañia Sevillana de Electricidad S.A.

Spain. Electra de Carbayin

Spain. Electra de Viesgo

Spain. Electricas Reunidas de Zaragoza - ERZ

Spain. El Sistema Electrico Español
Información ofrecida por Red Eléctrica Española (REE)

Spain. Endesa

Spain. ENERGUIA - La guia de la Energia


Spain. ENHER

Spain. FC&M - Sociedad Rectora del Mercado de Futuros y Opciones Sobre Cítricos, S.A. de Valencia

Spain. FECSA

Spain. Federación Nacional de Empresarios de Minas de Carbón - CARBUNION

Spain. Foro Nuclear

Spain. GESA

Spain. Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico

Spain. Iberdrola

Spain. Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia. Energia y Minas

Spain. REE: Red Electrica Española S.A.

Spain. Sempra Energy Trading

Spain. Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales - SEPI


Spain. UNESA

Spain. Unión Fenosa

Spain. 2000kva

Sweden. Energimyndigheten

Sweden. ITS (Telecommunication Regulator)

Sweden. Nordel

Sweden. NUTEK - Swedish Business Development Agency

Sweden. Post- och Telestyrelsen
Swedish post & telecoms regulator. Legislation, regulations. Texts also in English.

Sweden. The NordPool

Switzerland. Office Fédéral de la Communication - OFCOM

Thailand. Communications Authority of Thailand

Togo. Telecom

Turkey. Telecommunication Authority

Turkey. Capital Markets Board

Turkey. Public Procurement Authority

Turkey. Banking Regulation and Supervising Agency

United Kingdom. Analysis (UK Telecommunication Specialist)

United Kingdom. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

United Kingdom. Data Protection Registrar

United Kingdom. Financial Services Authority

United Kingdom. Inmarsat

United Kingdom. National Economic Research Associates (NERA)

United Kingdom. Office of Electricity Regulation

United Kingdom. Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)
The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) is the regulator for the gas and electricity industries in Great Britain. Ofgem was formed in 1999 by the merger of Ofgas (the former gas regulator) and OFFER (the former electricity regulator).

United Kingdom. Office of Gas Regulation

United Kingdom. Office of Telecommunications Regulation

United Kingdom. Office of the Rail Regulator
Full text of publications, information papers, annual report.

United Kingdom. Office of Water Services (OFWAT)

United Kingdom. Ofreg (Northern Ireland)
Office for the Regulation of Electricity and Gas, Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom. OFTEL.
UK telecoms regulator.

United Kingdom. PowerGen: The Power Technology Web Site

United Kingdom. Radio Authority

United Kingdom. Scottish Hydro Electric

United Kingdom. Securities and Futures' Authority

United Kingdom. Shadow Strategic Rail Authority

United Kingdom. Takeover Panel

United Kingdom. The EA - Electricity Association

United Kingdom. The UK Electricity Industry

United Kingdom. Trading Standards Net

United States. California Energy Commission Home Page

United States. California Independent System Operator - California ISO

United States. California Power Exchange - California PX

United States. California Public Utilities Commission

United States. Department of Energy Home Page

United States. Deregulation.com

United States. Federal Communications Commission
Independent US government agency to encourage competition in all communications markets and to protect the public & consumer interest. Covers interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.

United States. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
US regulatory body for electricity, oil, gas and hydro power. Full texts of relevant legislation and other documents.

United States. Florida Public Service Commission

United States. Iowa Department of Commerce, Utilities Division

United States. ISO New England - Independent System Operator

United States. ISO New York - Independent System Operator

United States. North American Electric Reliability Council - NERC

United States. North American Electric Reliability Organization - NAERO

United States. Northern States Power Company - Minnesota

United States. NARUC Home Page: National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

United States. National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners - NARUC

United States. National Regulatory Research Institute - NRRI

United States. New York Power Authority - NYPA

United States. New York State Electric & Gas - NYSEG

United States. Nuclear Regulatory Commission - USNRC

United States. Pacific Gas and Electric Company - PG&E

United States. PJM Interconnection

United States. PJM Interconnection FERC Filings

United States. Public Utility Research Center.

United States. San Diego Gas & Electric

United States. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

United States. Southern Company

United States. State of Oregon Utility Commission

United States. State Public Utility Commission Web Sites

United States. Status of State Electric Industry Restructuring Activity - United States

United States. TSIN.COM: Transmission System Information Networks for the electric power industry

Uruguay. Dirección Nacional de Comunicaciones

Venezuela. Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones - CONATEL

Venezuela. Oficina de Operación de Sistemas Interconectados - OPSIS

Venezuela. CASS - Comisión Antidumping y Sobre Subsidios

Venezuela. Indecu - Instituto para la Defensa y Educación del Consumidor y del Usuario

Venezuela. Sudeban - Superintendencia de Bancos


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UTILITIES: Regulators - International


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Country Analysis Briefs

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Regulatory Collquium


The Utility Connection
Amplia selección de links sobre "utilities": energía, telecomunicaciones, agua, agencias reguladoras del sector, noticias, revistas, etc...

UIT -International Telecommunications Union

Universal Postal Union (UPU)


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